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On my 1995 FLHTCU UltraGlide Harley-Davidson.

OK, AR, MO, TN, KY, OH, WV, VA, DC, NC, SC, GA, FL, Key West, AL, MS, LA, TX, and back to Oklahoma.

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Entering Pennsylvania

Grand Central Station, Washington DC

On the Mall at the Capital Building

My Daughter Samantha at her home in Weston, Florida

Me chillin' in Rick and Samantha's' pool. Believe it or not this is a gated community with a moat around it filled with alligators.

This is the furthest point south in the United States. Fey West, FL

Ex-wife Cheech on my bike in Key West.

Skydive Key West. A Tandem concession only. This hut and a Cessna 182.

Somewhere along the Keys

Somewhere along the Keys

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